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Appetizers - Hors Doeuvres

          (Hot) Crab Puffs (Hot)
          Acorn Squash Tempura
          Angie`s Shrimp Bites (Hot)
          Annandale Barbecued Shrimp (Hot)
          Artichoke Nibbles
          Asparagus Roll-Ups (Hot)
          Aurelia`s Stuffed Mushrooms (Hot)
          Bacon and Cheese Tidbits (Hot)
          Bacon Blue Cheese Toast (Hot)
          Bacon Roll-Ups (Hot)
          Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts (Hot)
          Baguette with Olive Butter and Radishes
          Baked Brie II
          Balsamic Marinated Olives
          Beef and Artichoke Roll-Ups
          Bread Sticks Wrapped in Bacon
          Cajun Smoked Sausage with Mustard Dip (Hot)
          Caviar Mold
          Caviar Potatoes
          Celery Stuffed with Chicken Salad
          Chafing Dish Crab (Hot)
          Charleston Oysters (Hot)
          Charlotte`s Broiled Soft Shell Crabs (Hot)
          Cheese and Bacon Hot Ryes
          Cheese Bites (Hot)
          Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms (Hot)
          Cheesy Olives
          Cherry Tomato Hors D`Oeuvres
          Chicken and Watercress Puffs (Hot)
          Country Pate`
          Crab Norfolk (Hot)
          Crabmeat Norfolk Saute` (Hot)
          Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms II (Hot)
          Cream Cheese and Bacon Hors D`Oeuvre (Hot)
          Curry Chicken Salad
          Deviled Crabs (Hot)
          Deviled Eggs
          Deviled Eggs with Anchovy
          Deviled Ham Puffs
          DuVal`s Sea Special (Hot)
          Eggs in a Sausage Blanket
          Escargot a L`Aoile (Hot)
          Ferne`s Stuffed Celery
          Feta Cheese with Olive Oil and Fresh Basil
          Garlic Oysters (Hot)
          Ham and Cheese Puffs II (Hot)
          Ham Biscuits (Hot)
          Ham Pastries (Hot)
          Hattie`s Pate`
          Herbed Ham Biscuits (Hot)
          Hidden Valley Ranch Oyster Crackers
          Hot Potato Hearties (Hot)
          Imperial Mushrooms (Hot)
          Italian Cheese Puffs (Hot)
          Italian Sausage Rolls
          Jane`s Stuffed Baguette
          Layered Cheese Pate`
          Liver Pate` II
          Lobster Phyllo Triangles (Hot)
          Marinated Broccoli and Cauliflower
          Marinated Chicken Breast Skewers
          Marinated Chicken Wings (Hot)
          Marinated Flank Steak II
          Marinated Mushrooms II
          Marinated Pork Tenderloin
          Merry Tomatoes
          Microwave Marinated Water Chestnuts (Hot)
          Mini Crab Cakes (Hot)
          Mississippi Caviar
          Molded Tuna Pate`
          Mom`s Crab Mold
          Mother`s Cocktail Shrimp
          Mother`s Shrimp and Crab in a Chafing Dish
          Mrs. Queeny's Crabmeat Rarebit (Hot)
          Mushrooms and Artichoke Hearts in Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
          No-Trump Cheese Wafers
          Okra Flowers
          Olive Cheese Puffs
          Oysters in Champagne (Hot)
          Oysters on the Half Shell with Balsamic Vinegar and Cracked Black Pepp
          Parmesan Crisps
          Pears with Blue Cheese
          Pecan-Stuffed Mushrooms (Hot)
          Pepperoni Bread (Hot)
          Queso-Filled Mini-Peppers
          Salmon Spirals
          Sesame Parmesan Twins
          Shrimp Bread
          Shrimp in Artichoke Marinade
          Shrimp in Mustard Sauce
          Shrimp Minuette
          Shrimp Mold II
          Shrimp Pate`
          Shrimp Squares
          Shrimp Tarts (Hot)
          Shrimp Wadmalaw
          Spinach Bites
          Spinach Souffle`-Stuffed Mushrooms (Hot)
          Steak Tartare
          Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
          Sweet and Sour Sausage Balls (Hot)
          Sweet Onion Tartlettes (Hot)
          Sweet Potato Balls (Hot)
          Swiss Ryes
          Tangy Tomatoes
          Texas Caviar
          That Mushroom and Crab Thing (Hot)
          Tuna Antipasto
          Vegetable Bread
          Whimpies (Hot)
          Whipped Cream Chicken Salad
          Wild Mushrooms on Pita Crisps (Hot)
          Zucchini Rounds (Hot)

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