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Desserts - Cakes

          1-2-3 Cherry Poke Cake
          7-Up Cake
          Almond Cake
          Almond Pound Cake
          Amaretto Fudge Cake
          Amaretto Icebox Cake
          American Shortcake
          Amish Onion Cake
          Angel Food Torte
          Angel Lush Cake
          Angel Lush Cake II
          Apple Cake
          Apple Cake II
          Apple Cake III
          Apple Cake IV
          Apple Cake Topped with Lemon Sauce
          Apple Cake V
          Apple Cake with Warm Caramel Sauce
          Apple Cider Pound Cake (Winner at Texas State Fair)
          Apple Fritter Cake
          Apple Gingerbread
          Apple Peanut Cake
          Apple Pear Cake
          Apple Pie Cake
          Apple Pie Rum Cake
          Apple Walnut Supreme Cake with Lemon Glaze
          Apple-Cranberry Strudel
          Applesauce Cake
          Applesauce Cake II
          Apricot Cake
          Apricot Crumble Cake
          Apricot Nectar Cake
          Apricot Upside-Down Skillet Cake
          Apricot-Applesauce Cake
          Babanas Foster Upside Down Cake
          Bacardi Rum Cake
          Baked Alaska
          Banana Black Walnut Cake
          Banana Cake
          Banana Cake Balls
          Banana Cake II
          Banana Cake III
          Banana Colada Cake
          Banana Pudding Cake
          Banana Pudding Cake II
          Banana Spice Icebox Cake
          Banana Split Cake
          Banana Split Cake II
          Banana Split Cake III
          Banana Split Cake IV
          Banana Split Cake V
          Banana Split Cake VI
          Banana Split Icebox Cake
          Beet-Nik Cake
          Beloved Zinfandel Cake
          Berry Cobbler Cake
          Better Than Sex Cake II
          Better-Than-Sex Cake
          Beverlys Coconut Cake
          Bitter Sweet Chocolate Cake
          Black Forest Cake
          Black Forest Cherry Cake Roll
          Black Forest Pound Cake
          Black Russian Cake
          Black Russian Cake II
          Black Russian Cake with Topping
          Blackberry Cake
          Blackberry-Apple Upside-Down Cake
          Blitz Torte
          Blueberry Cake
          Blueberry Citrus Cake
          Blueberry Upside-Down Skillet Cake
          Bourbon Honey Cake
          Butter Brickle Loaf Cake
          Butter Pecan Cake
          Buttermilk Pound Cake
          ButterNut Cake
          Butterscotch Cake
          Butterscotch Cake with Glaze
          Butterscotch Chiffon Cake
          Butterscotch Coffee Cake
          Butterscotch Marble Cake
          Butterscotch Pound Cake
          Butterscotch Rum Cake
          Cake with Lemon Sauce
          Canadian Rockies Apple Cake
          Cannoli Cake
          Cape Cod Blueberry Cake
          Caramel Apple Cake
          Caramel Nut Pound Cake
          Caramel Pineapple Roll Cake
          Caramelized Upside-Down Pear-Ginger Cake
          Carrot Apple Cake with Pecan Cream Cheese Frosting
          Carrot Cake
          Carrot Cake II
          Carrot Cake III
          Carrot Cake IV
          Carrot Cake with Honey-Orange Frosting
          Carrot Pineapple Cake
          Carrot-Pineapple Pudding Cake
          Cassata Alla Siciliana - Sicilian Cake with Chocolate Frosting
          Cheese Cake Cordon Bleu
          Cherry Chocolate Cake
          Cherry Delight AKA Saltine Cake
          Cherry Flower Power Cake
          Cherry Pineapple Cake
          Cherry Pudding Cake
          Cherry Surprise Cake
          Cherry-Cranberry Cassata
          Cherry-Pineapple Cake
          Chocolate Brandy Cake
          Chocolate Cake
          Chocolate Cake (Hungarian Style)
          Chocolate Cake with Pie Filling
          Chocolate Cherry Cake
          Chocolate Chip Applesauce Cake
          Chocolate Chip Cake
          Chocolate Chip Spongecake
          Chocolate Cranberry Cake
          Chocolate Cream Roll
          Chocolate Date Cake
          Chocolate Eclair Cake
          Chocolate Eclair Cake II
          Chocolate Fudge Cake
          Chocolate Fudge Cake II
          Chocolate Fudge Spongecake
          Chocolate Icebox Cake
          Chocolate Log Roll
          Chocolate Mayonaise Cake
          Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake
          Chocolate Mint Cake
          Chocolate Mousse Cake
          Chocolate Peanut Butter Toffee Icebox Cake
          Chocolate Peppermint Cake
          Chocolate Pistachio Cake
          Chocolate Pound Cake
          Chocolate Sheet Cake
          Chocolate Supreme
          Chocolate Whipped Cream Cake
          Chocolate Zucchini Cake
          Chocolate Zucchini Cake II
          Chocolate-Butterscotch Lava Cake (Slow Cooker) xsl
          Chocolate-Cherry Cake
          Chocolate-Coconut Cake
          Chocolate-Raspberry Cake
          Choco-Nut cake
          Christmas Rum Cake
          Chunky Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
          Cockeyed Cake
          Cocoa Apple Cake
          Cocoa Creme Cake and Filling
          Cocoa Spongecake
          Cocoa-Cola Cake
          Coconut Blueberry Cake
          Coconut Caramel Pie
          Coconut Maroon Cake
          Coconut Pound Cake
          Coconut Pound Cake II
          Coconut Pound Cake III
          Coconut Pound Cake IV
          Coconut Sour Cream Cake
          Coffee Spongecake
          Cola Cake
          Corey Delight
          Cranberry Apple Cake
          Cranberry Pear Cake
          Cranberry Pineapple Upside Down Cake
          Cranberry Upside-Down Cake
          Cranberry Upside-Down Cake II
          Crazy Cake
          Crazy Cake II
          Cream Caramel Cake
          Cream-Filled Strawberry-Brownie Cake
          Creamy Layered Chocolate Mint Cake
          Daffodil Cake
          Dark Chocolate Cake with Velvet Frosting
          Date Cake
          Date Icebox Cake
          Dawn's Orange Slice Cake
          Dee`s Yellow Coconut Cake
          Deep Chocolate Cake with Double Malt Topping
          Dessert from Wildermere Island Club, Eleuthera, Bahamas
          Devil's Food Cake with Fluffy Frosting
          Diabetic Friendly Strawberry Shortcake
          Dirt Cake
          Double-Cherry Upside-Down Cake
          Dump Cake
          Dump Cake Dessert
          Dump Cake II
          Dump Cake III
          Dutch Apple Cake with Caramel Glaze
          Dutch Cake
          Earthquake Cake
          Earthquake Cake II
          Easy Peanut Butter Cake
          Easy Pina Colada Cake
          Easy Yellow Layer Cake
          Egg Nog Mug Cakes
          Eggnog Bundt Cake
          Eggnog Cake
          Eggnog Cake II
          Eggnog Pound Cake
          Eggnog Tres Leches Cake
          Eggnog Tres Leches Cake II
          Eton Mess
          Feather Coconut Cake
          First Place Chocolate Cake
          Flag Cake
          French Chocolate Cake
          Fresh Apple Cake
          Fresh Apple Cake II
          Fresh Apple Cake III
          Fresh Apple Cake IV
          Fresh Apple Cake V
          Fresh Berry Shortcakes
          Fresh Peach Cake
          Fruit Cocktail Cake
          Fudge Pudding Cake
          Gateau Gerard Binet
          German Apple Cake
          German Chocolate Cake
          Gingerbread Cake with Pears and Cinnamon Buttercream
          Gingerbread Flan Cake
          Glazed Apple Cake
          Glazed Lemon Cake
          Glazed Orange Coconut Cake
          Gold Cake
          Golden Midnight Cake
          Golden Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze
          Golden Velvet Cake
          Gone With The Wind Cake
          Grandma Bess' Applesauce Cake
          Grandma`s Black Walnut Cake
          Grandma`s Old Fashioned Buttermilk Spice Cake with Cinnamon Sauce
          Grandmother`s Caramel cake with Caramel Icing
          Grecian Orange Cake
          Green Tomato Cake
          Grilled Pound Cake Sandwiches
          Grilled Pound Cake with Warm Amaretto Bananas
          Harvest Cake
          Harvey Wallbanger Cake
          Harvey Wallbanger Cake II
          Hawaiian Cake
          Hazelnut Cake Roll
          Heavenly Chocolate Cake
          Helens Pineapple Cake
          Hermit Cake
          Honey Cake
          Honey Lemon Cake
          Horchata Cake
          Hot Fudge Cake
          Hummingbird Cake
          In-A-Hurry Cake
          Incredible Coconut Cake
          Isaac`s Carrot Cake
          Italian Cream Cake
          Italian Cream cake II
          Italian Cream Cake III
          Italian Cream Cake IV
          Jam Cake
          Jam Cake II
          Jeanette's Orange Slice Cake
          Jelly Roll
          Jewish Apple Cake
          Jewish Apple Cake II
          Jewish Apple cake III
          Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Cake
          Kahlua cake
          Kahlua Fudge Sheet Cake
          Kentucky Blackberry Jam Cake
          Key Lime Cake
          Key Lime Cake II
          King's Mountain Pound Cake
          Lake City Nut Cake
          Layered Banana Cake
          Layered Orange Sponge Cake
          Lazy Daisy Cake
          Lemon and Cherry Pudding Cake
          Lemon Baked Alaska
          Lemon Blush Napoleons
          Lemon Buttermilk Cake
          Lemon Chiffon Cake
          Lemon Coconut Streusel Ice Cream Cake
          Lemon Ginger Icebox Cake
          Lemon Layer Cake
          Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
          Lemon Poppy Seed Cake II
          Lemon Pound Cake
          Lemon Pudding Cake
          Lemon Pudding Cake II
          Lemon Snack Cake
          Lemon Spongecake
          Lemon Velvet Cake
          Lemonade Cake
          Lemon-Raspberry Icebox Cake
          Limed-Up Cream Cheese Pound cake
          Little Amaretto Loaf Cakes
          Luau Delight
          Mailman's Coconut Cake
          Mandarin Orange Cake
          Mandarin Orange Cake II
          Mandarin Orange Cake III
          Maple Pear Upside-Down Cake
          Maple Walnut Cake
          Maraschino Cake
          Margarita Bundt Cake
          Maries Cherry Cheese Cake
          Marshmallow Roll
          Marvelous Cannoli Cake
          Marys Pound Cake
          Matrimony Cake
          McIntosh Cake
          Melody's Mandarin Orange Cake
          Mexican Chocolate Honey Cake
          Mexican Chocolate Pudding Cake
          Mexican Wedding Cake with Frosting
          Midnight Bliss Cake
          Milky Way Cake
          Mini Bourbon-and-Cola Bundt Cakes
          Mini Chocolate Cakes
          Mississippi Mud Cake
          Mississippi Mud Cake II
          Mix and Match Icebox Cake
          Mocha Java Cakes
          Mocha-Flavored Rhubarb Cake
          Mocha-Hazelnut Glazed Angel Food Cake
          Moist Carrot Cake
          Moist Coconut Cake
          Molten Chocolate Cakes
          Mom`s Apple Walnut Supreme Cake
          Moms Carrot Cake
          Moms Spice Cake
          Mom's Whiskey Cake
          Moosehead Gingerbread
          Mother Tuckers Mayonnaise Cake
          Mother's Lane Cake
          Mother's Tutti Frutti Cake
          My Grandmother`s Peach Cake with Sauce
          Napolean Torte
          Never Fail Spice Cake
          No-Bake Italian Rum Cake
          No-Bake Pineapple Cake
          Nut Spongecake
          Oatmeal Harvest Cake
          Oh So Good Cream of Coconut Cake
          Old-Fashioned Pound Cake
          Orange and Pineapple Pudding Cake
          Orange and Raisin Cake
          Orange Cake and Frosting
          Orange Chiffon Cake with Marshmallow Flowers
          Orange Date Nut Cake
          Orange Dream Cake
          Orange Glazed Pound Cake
          Orange Holiday Cake
          Orange Kiss Me Cake
          Orange Nut Butter Cake
          Orange Pecan Cake
          Orange Slice Cake
          Orange Spongecake
          Orange Supreme Cake
          Orange-Dark Chocolate Molten Cake
          Oreo Dream Cake
          Our Famous Rum Cake
          Parsnip Cake
          Patriotic Poke Cake
          Peach Ice Box Cake
          Peach Icebox Cake
          Peanut Butter Boston Cream Cake
          Peanut Butter Cake
          Pea-Picking Good Cake
          Pear Streusel Cake
          Pear Upside-Down Cake
          Pecan Pie Chiffon Cake
          Pina Colada Cake
          Pineapple & Cherry Nut Hummingbird Mini Loaves
          Pineapple Angel Food Cake
          Pineapple Banana Hummingbird Mini Loaves
          Pineapple Cake
          Pineapple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
          Pineapple Carrot Cake
          Pineapple Inside-Out Cake
          Pineapple Nut Cake
          Pineapple Pound Cake
          Pineapple Upside Down Cake
          Pineapple Upside Down Cake II
          Pineapple Upsidedown Cake
          Pineapple Upside-Down Cake II
          Pineapple Upside-Down Cake III
          Pink Lemonade Cake
          Pistachio Cake
          Pistachio Cake II
          Pistachio Cake III
          Pistachio Cake IV
          Pistachio Cake V
          Pistachio Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting
          Pistachio Marble Cake
          Pistachio Neopolitan Cakewiches
          Plum Cake II
          Plum Cake III
          Polish Wedding Cakes
          Poppy Seed Cake
          Poppy Seed Cake II
          Poppy Seed Cake III
          Poppy Seed Cake IV
          Poppy Seed Spongecake
          Pop's Favorite Banana Cake
          Prairie Beer Cake
          Princess Elizabeth Cake
          Prune Cake
          Ptarmigan's Kahlua Fantasy
          Pumpkin Cake Roll
          Pumpkin Cream Cheese Frosting Roll
          Pumpkin Pie Cake
          Pumpkin Pie Cake ii
          Pumpkin Pie Cake III
          Pumpkin-Toffee Poke Cake
          Punch Bowl Cake
          Queen Anne Chocolate Cake with Fresh Raspberry Sauce
          Raisin Cake
          Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
          Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake
          Rave Review Coconut Cake
          Red Plum Cake
          Red Velvet Cake
          Red Velvet Poke Cake
          Red Waldorf Cake
          Red Wine Molten Dark Chocolate Cake
          Red, White & Blueberry Poke Cake
          Rhubarb Cake
          Rhubarb Cake II
          Rhubarb Cake III
          Rhubarb Cake IV
          Rhubarb Cake V
          Rhubarb Dump Cake
          Rhubarb Upside Down Cake
          Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake
          Rich and Famous Cake Roll
          Robert E. Lee Cake
          Robert Redford Cake
          Rocky Road Cake
          Rocky Road Cake II
          Root Beer Cake with Root Beer Frosting
          Rose's Apple Cake
          Ruby Slipper Cake
          Rum Cake
          Rum Cake II
          Rum Cake III
          Rum Cake IV
          Rum Cake V
          Rum Cake VI
          Rum Cream Cake
          Rum Raisin Ring Cake
          San Saba Delight
          Sauerkraut Cake
          Scotch Chocolate Cake
          Seven-Up Cake
          Signature Red Velvet Cake
          Simple Apple Cake
          Simple Italian Rum Cake, Bundt Style
          Simple Lemon Pound Cake
          Slow Cooker Apple Pudding Cake xsl
          Slow Cooker Molten Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake xsl
          Snow White Cake
          Sock It To Me Cake
          Soft Molasses Cake
          Sour Cherry Cake with Sauce
          Sour Cream Cake
          Sour Cream Chocolate Cake
          Sour Cream Peach Cake
          Sour Cream Pound Cake
          Sour Cream Pound Cake II
          Sour Cream Pound Cake III
          Sour Cream Somersault Cake
          Southern Coconut Cake
          Southern Pecan Pound Cake
          Spice Cake with Molasses Cream Cheese Frosting
          Spice Dream Cake
          Spice Spongecake
          Spiced and Grilled Angel Food Cake
          Spiced Banana Cake
          Spiced Chocolate Cake
          Sponge Cake
          Sprinkle-Me-Happy Cake
          Sprite Cake
          Spumoni Cake with Chocolate Glaze
          Strawberry Buttermilk Cake
          Strawberry Ice Box Cake
          Strawberry Indulgence
          Strawberry Pecan Cake
          Strawberry Tunnel Cream Cake
          Strawberry-Cornmeal Shortcakes
          Super Moist Chocolate Mayo Cake
          Swedish Cherry Cake
          Swedish Flop
          Swiss Cake Roll
          The Best Peanut Butter Cake
          Tomato Soup (Husbands) Cake
          Tres Leches Cake
          Triple Chocolate Cake
          Triple Chocolate Cake Roll
          Triple-Chocolate Mocha Cake
          Triple-Chocolate Tres Leches Cake
          Triple-Layer Lemon Cake
          Turtle Cake
          Turtle Cake II
          Tuxedo Cake
          Two Egg Cake
          Two-Step Fresh Poundcake
          Upside Down Apple Cake
          Upside-Down Apple Cake ii
          Upside-Down Applesauce Cake
          Upside-Down Pineapple Cake
          Vanilla Bean and Dark Chocolate Baked Alaska
          Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
          Vanilla Ruffle Cake
          Vanilla Spongecake
          Velmas Hawaiian Wedding Cake
          Victoria Cake with Strawberries
          Viennese Coffee Flavored Cake Roll
          Vinegar Cake
          Virginia Whiskey Cake
          Waldorf Cake
          War Cake
          Warm Chocolate Date Cakes
          Watergate Cake
          Whipped Cream Cake
          White Whiskey Cake
          Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Cake with Blackberry Sauce
          Wine Cake
          World Class Chocolate Cake
          World Fair Cake
          Yule Log Icebox Cake
          Zucchini Chocolate Cake
          Zucchini Pineapple Cake

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