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Appetizers - Hot

          Almond Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped Dates
          Anchor Bar's Buffalo Wings The Original Hot Wing Recipe
          Apple Pie Cream Cheese Wontons
          Apple-Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket
          Apricot-Glazed Baked Camembert
          Aranitas (Plantains)
          Artichokes Casino
          Asian Crab Rolls
          Asian Pork Wonton Bites
          Bacon & Chile Queso Fundido
          Bacon Roll Ups
          Bacon Roll-Ups
          Bacon Wrapped Chestnuts
          Bacon Wrapped Potato Bites with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
          Bacon Wraps
          Bacon, Potato & Jalapeno Queso Fundido
          Bacon-and-Chicken Bites
          Bacon-Cheese Croquettes
          Bacon-Wrapped Bananas
          Bacon-Wrapped Chipotle Shrimp
          Bacon-Wrapped Figs
          Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog Bites
          Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple
          Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites
          Bacon-Wrapped Spiced Plantains with Jalapenos
          Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed jalapenos
          Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato Bites
          Bacon-Wrapped, Sausage Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers
          Baked Brie
          Baked Brie & Raspberry Bites
          Baked Brie Bites with Sugared Cranberries
          Baked Brie with Cranberries
          Baked Mozzarella Bites
          Baked Spinach Balls
          Baked Spinach Balls
          Barb`s Crab Puffs
          Basic Sausage Rolls
          Blitz Balls (Slow Cooker)
          Bloody Mary Chicken Wings
          Boneless Buffalo Wings
          Brie Bites
          Brie-Blackberry Bundles
          Broccoli, Bacon and Cheese Potato Skins
          Bruschetta by Ritz
          Buffalo Cauliflower Bites
          Buffalo Chicken Meatballs with Light Ranch Sauce (Slow Cooker) xsl
          Buffalo Chicken Sausages xgr
          Buffalo Chicken Wings
          Buffalo Ranch Chicken and Avocado Potato Skins
          Burmese Samosas
          Butternut Squash - Goat Cheese Bites
          Cantonese Egg Rolls
          Caramelized Ham & Swiss Buns
          Caramelized Onion Jam and Goat Cheese Crostini (Slow Cooker) xsl
          Caramelized Onion-Chanterelle Tart
          Charlie Brown's Cheese Cracklins
          Cheese Balls
          Cheese Bites
          Cheese in a Blanket
          Cheese Olive Appetizers
          Cheese Puffs
          Cheese Twists
          Cheese Wafers
          Cheese-Mushroom Cups
          Cheese-Rice Balls
          Cheesy Garlic Bread Poppers
          Cheesy Hash Brown Cups
          Cheesy Pepper Pita Crisps
          Cheesy Sausage Bites
          Cheesy Sausage Tidbits
          Chicken Dumplings
          Chicken Nut Bites
          Chicken Pot Pie Party Appetizers
          Chicken Quesadilla
          Chicken-Apple Pigs-In-A-Blanket
          Chile and Cheese Fritters
          Chili Cheese Potato Skins
          Chili con Queso El Dorado
          Chipotle-Bacon Hot Dog Bites
          Chive Butter, Breadsticks and Radishes
          Chorizo Hash-Stuffed Mushroom Caps
          Chorizo Queso with Potato Skins
          Clams or Oysters Casino
          Corn and Potato Fritters
          Corn Puppies
          Cornmeal Chillies
          Crab and Potato Balls
          Crab Appetizer Triangles
          Crab Appetizers
          Crab Cake Crostini with Corn and Bacon Salsa
          Crab Cheese Triangles
          Crab Florentine
          Crab Mornay
          Crab Puffs
          Crab Rangoon
          Crab Toasts
          Crabmeat-Bacon Rolls
          Crab-Swiss Bites
          Cranberry Brie Wreath
          Cream Cheese Foldovers
          Cream Cheese Potato Turnovers
          Crispy Chicken Bites
          Crispy Peels
          Deep-Fried Cheese Bites
          Derby Donut Holes
          Deviled Clams
          Devils on Horseback with Hot Honey
          Devils on Horseback xgr
          Double Cheese and Tomato Tart
          Dressed Up Weenie Wellingtons
          Drunken Hot Dogs
          Endive with Gorgonzola and Hot Honey
          Escargots A` La San Diego
          Falafel Poppers with Sriracha Aioli
          Family-Favorite Turkey Egg Rolls
          Festive Sausage Cups
          Fig, Prosciutto & Brie Puffs
          Figs in a Blanket
          Flaming Pork Wontons
          Foolproof Fondue
          Fresh Artichokes with Horseradish Dip
          Fried Cheese
          Fully Loaded Queso
          Golden Cheese Toast
          Golden Cheesies
          Green Chile and Cheese Sausage Poppers
          Green Chile Rollover Bites
          Gridiron Grilled Veggie Sandwiches
          Grilled Cheese & Tomato Flatbreads
          Grilled Mini Pesto Pizzas with Bell Peppers and Tomatoes
          Grilled Pizza Roll-Ups
          Grilled Zucchini Roll-Ups xgr
          Guacamole Rolls
          Gyro Nachos with Tzatziki Sauce (Slow Cooker) xsl
          Ham and Cheese Puffs
          Ham and Cheese Rolls
          Ham and Olive Empanadillas
          Ham Balls in Dill Sauce
          Holiday Bacon Appetizers
          Hors d`oeuvres - Scallop - Shrimp Kabobs
          Hors d`oeuvres Pennsylvania
          Hot and Sweet Cocktail Wieners (Slow Cooker) xsl
          Hot Crab Spread
          Hot Cumin Scented Potato Chips with Blue Cheese Sauce
          Hot Honey Olives
          Hot Honey-Glazed Wings
          Hot Olive Cheese Balls
          Impossible Broccoli and Cheddar Appetizers
          Inside-Out Beef Wellington Bites
          Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese with Avocado and Bacon
          Jalapeno Popper Sampler Tray
          Lasagna Cupcakes
          Lit'l Smokies Corn Wraps
          Lyde`s Tiny Cocktail Meat Pies
          Mac and Cheese Cups
          Make Ahead Sausage Pinwheels
          Maple Jalapenos
          Maple Walnut and Bacon Brie Bites
          Meatball and Spaghetti Skewers
          Meatball Appetizer
          Meatball Bundles
          Meatball Yummies
          Mexican Fiesta Rollies
          Mexican Potato Skin Bites
          Mini Corn Dogs
          Mini Meat Pies
          Mini Ravioli Skewers xgr
          Mini Sausage Balls
          Mini Shrimp Cakes Topped with Citrus Aioli
          Mushroom and Smoked Gouda Puff
          Mushroom Cheese Rolls
          Mushroom Puffs
          Mushroom Rounds
          Mushroom-Brie Cups
          New Year's Eve Fondue
          Noel Nibbler
          Onion Cheese Puffs
          Onion Rings with Dipping Sauce Sampler
          Open Faced Baby Reubens
          Orange Maple Ginger Wings
          Oysters Rockefeller
          Oysters Rockefeller II
          Papaya Stuffed with Curried Crab
          Parm Puffs
          Party Melt
          Party Poppers
          Pate'-Stuffed Mushrooms
          Patisse (Ground Beef Turnover, Easy Version)
          Peach and Almond Strudels (Mini)
          Peanut Butter & Fruit Rolls
          Pepperoni Pie Squares
          Pepperoni Pizza Dip (Slow Cooker) xsl
          Pepperoni Pizza Rolls with Hot Honey
          Pepperoni Roll-Ups
          Pesto Arancini
          Picadillo Crescents
          Pimento Cheese Popovers
          Pimento Cheese Twists
          Pimiento Poppers
          Pineapple Bacon Bites
          Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms
          Polynesian Chicken Wings
          Pomegranate Pistachio Crostini
          Pork and Lemon Grass Won Tons
          Pork Dumplings
          Pork-and-Shrimp Chive Dumplings
          Potato Baskets with Cheese
          Potato Roll-Up Snacks
          Potato Skins for the Super Bowl
          Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus with Raspberry Sauce.xgr
          Pumpkin Pinwheels
          Reuben Egg Rolls
          Reuben Miniatures
          Ricotta Stuffed Hot Peppers
          Ricotta-Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped Dates
          Salsa Con Queso
          Sauerkraut and Swiss Sausage Balls
          Sauerkraut Balls
          Sauerkraut Balls II
          Sausage & Sauerkraut Balls
          Sausage and Cheese Balls
          Sausage Balls
          Sausage Cheese Balls
          Sausage Cheese Balls II
          Sausage in Pastry
          Sausage Link Bites
          Sausage Pasta Bites
          Sausage Pinwheels
          Sausage Squares
          Sausage Wonton Stars
          Savory Shrimp Crostini
          Saybrook Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms
          Shrimp Filled Tiny Puffs
          Shrimp in Bacon
          Skinless Potato Skins
          Small Cheese Puffs
          Smoky Chile con Queso
          Snackin' Potato Skins
          Spiced Cheddar Cheese Puffs
          Spiced Pita Chips
          Spicy Beef Rolls
          Spicy Potato Skins
          Spicy Pumpkin Puffs
          Spicy Sausage Roll-Ups
          Spinach Balls
          Spinach Balls II
          Spinach Balls III
          Spinach Balls IV
          Spinach Balls V
          Spinach-Artichoke Pasta Bites
          Squash Puffs
          Steak and Blue Cheese in Mini Phyllo Shells
          Steak and Blue Cheese Potato Skins
          Steak and Ginger Won Tons
          Steel-Your-Heart-Away Eggrolls
          Strawberry Rangoons
          Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers
          Stuffed Mushrooms
          Stuffed Pigs
          Stuffed Portobellos with Chicken & Pears
          Sushi-Style Crescent Crab Rolls
          Sweet Pork Fried Dumplings
          Sweet Potato Skins
          Sweet Potato Wedges with Chili Mayo
          Sweet Sausage Rolls
          Sweet-and-Sour-Glazed Chicken Sausage Bites (Slow Cooker) xsl
          Swiss and Ham Party Loaves
          Swiss Cheese Fondue
          Teriyaki Pork Bites
          Tomato-Braised Shrimp
          Tucson's Jalapeno Poppers
          Tuna Miniatures
          Turkey Harvest Poppers
          Vegetable Squares
          Vegetable Stacks
          Veggie Nuggets
          Vidalia Onion Pie
          Water Chestnuts in Bacon
          Wiener Bites
          Wrapped Meatballs III
          Yummy Cheese Balls
          Zesty Potato Skins
          Zucchini Treats

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