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Beverages - Alcoholic

          Absinthe Appletinis
          Amaretto Margarita
          Aperol Spritz
          Aperol Spritz II
          Aperol Spritz III
          Aperol Spritz with Vodka
          Aperol Whiskey Sour
          Apple Cider Moscow Mule
          Apple Margarita
          Apple Pie - Bourbon Sweet Tea
          Apple Pie - Infused Bourbon
          Apple Pie Drink
          Apple Pie Punch
          Apple Treat
          Apricot Bellinis
          Apricot Bourbon Sour
          Apricot-Ginger Bellinis
          Ashley's Relaxer
          Aviation Cocktail Recipe
          Baileys Irish Cream
          Barbecue Bloody Mary
          Basil Lemon Drop
          Basil Martini
          Beer Bourbon Lemonade
          Beer 'Garitas
          Beer-Lemonade Punch (Alcoholic)
          Belmont Jewel
          Berry Zin
          Berry-Merry Mint Martini
          Best Espresso Martini
          Big Batch Cajun Lemonade
          Black Raspberry Lemonade
          Blackberry Bramble Pisco Sours
          Blackberry Chambord Royale
          Blackberry Ginger Bellini
          Blackberry L.I.T.
          Blackberry Margaritas
          Blackberry Moscow Mule with Elderflower
          Blackberry Vanilla Vodka Lemonade (Alcoholic)
          Blackberry-Bourbon Iced Tea
          Blackberry-Lime Punch (Alcoholic)
          Blackberry-Zinfandel Cobbler Cocktail
          Black-Eyed Susan
          Blizzard Cocktail
          Blood Orange Amaretto Sour
          Blood Orange and Pomegranate Syrup Moscow Mule
          Blood Orange Old Fashioned
          Bloody Bull Cocktail
          Bloody Mary
          Bloody Mary (Halloween)
          Bloody Mary II
          Bloody Mary Mix
          Bloody Mary Punch (Alcoholic)
          Bloody Punch (Halloween)
          Blue Cheese-Stuffed Martini Olives
          Blue Coconut Margaritas
          Blue Mule Cocktail
          Blueberry Bourbon Smash Cocktail
          Blueberry Ginger Mojitos
          Blueberry Thrill
          Blueberry Yogurtini
          Blueberry-Mint Frozen Margarita
          Boerenjongens (Dutch Drink)
          Bourbon Apple Beer
          Bourbon Apple Beer Cocktail
          Bourbon Cucumber
          Bourbon Negroni
          Bourbon Peach Iced Tea
          Bourbon Punch
          Bourbon Slush Punch (Alcoholic)
          Bourbon Smash
          Bourbon-Maple Sour
          Bourbon-Pepper Bellinis
          Bourbon-Tea Punch
          Brandied Berry Milk Shake
          Brandy Alexander
          Brandy-Peach Punch (Alcoholic)
          Broad Street Martini
          Bubbling Cauldron Punch (Halloween)
          Burnt Alaska (Milkshake)
          Campari and Tonic with Grilled Oranges
          Candied Appletini
          Candy-Infused Vodka (Halloween)
          Captains Vacation Cocktail
          Cara Cara Orange Margaritas
          Caramel Apple Milkshake
          Caribbean Margarita
          Caribbean Milk Punch
          Carnival Colada
          Cerveza Margaritas
          Champagne Flamingo
          Champagne Ginger Cocktail
          Champagne Party Punch
          Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail
          Champagne Punch
          Cherry Cordial
          Cherry Limp Margarita
          Cherry Moscow Mule
          Cherry-Almond Sparkler
          Cherry-Orange Bourbon
          Chile-Lime Tequila
          Chipotle Grapefruit Margarita
          Chipotle-Barbecue Margarita
          Christmas Tree Sours
          Cider-Bourbon Thermos Cocktail
          Cinnamon-Pumpkin Toddy (Slow Cooker) xsl
          Citrus Granita
          City Grocery Bloody Marys
          Classic Bloody Mary
          Classic Dry Martini
          Classic Gin Gimlet
          Classic Manhattan Cocktail
          Classic Margarita
          Classic Martini II
          Classic Mojito
          Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail
          CLassic Shaken Margaritas
          Classic Whiskey Sour
          Clementine Moscow Mule
          Clementine Sparkler
          Cocktail Time Pitcher Cosmopolitan Cocktail
          Coconut Punch (Alcoholic)
          Coconut-Guava Fruit Punch Cocktail
          Coffee Brandy Frappe
          Coffee-Chocolate Digestif
          Cranapple Moscow Mule
          Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail
          Cranberry Cheer
          Cranberry French 75
          Cranberry Kir Royale
          Cranberry Maple Bourbon Smash Cocktail
          Cranberry Orange Sparklers
          Cranberry Whiskey Sour
          Cranberry, Maple & Rye Sour
          Cranberry-Ginger Mule
          Cranberry-Hibiscus Spritzer
          Cranberry-Orange Holiday Punch
          Cucumber Gin and Tonic
          Cucumber Mojito
          Cucumber Mojitos
          Cucumber Mule with Gin
          Cucumber-Mint Tequila Tonic
          Danny Boy
          Deep Freeze Gin & Tonic
          Dockside Citrus Splash
          Don`s Homemade Kahlua
          Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Halloween)
          Easy Irish Cream
          El Cabo Margarita
          Elderflower Gimlet
          Emerald Islander
          Espresso Martini
          Espresso Martini II
          Espresso-Amaretto Granitas
          Fancy Dessert Jell-o Shots
          Festive Fizz
          Fig Margarita
          Flaming Lime Drop
          Forever Young
          Fourth Hour Fizz Cocktail
          Freezie Fruit Pops
          Frosted Bellinis
          Frozen Coconut Margarita
          Frozen Dragon Fruit Margarita
          Frozen Grape and Mint Margarita
          Frozen Lemon Berry Margarita
          Frozen Lemonade with Coconut Rum
          Frozen Lemonade with Coconut Rum II
          Frozen Mango Margarita
          Frozen Mint Margaritas
          Frozen Mint Margaritas II
          Frozen Srawberry Gin Lemonade
          Fruited Vodka Spritzers
          Fruit-Infused Frose
          Funny Bis-Ness
          Gaspares Winter Punch
          Gazpacho Buzz
          Ginger Beer Margarita
          Ginger Spice Punch
          Ginger-Lime Wine Coolers
          Ginger-Saffron Sparkler
          Gin-Prosecco Citron Fizz
          Glowing Potion (Halloween)
          Gold Rush Cocktail
          Golden Mean Martini
          Golden Mojito
          Gordon's Cup
          Grapefruit Bellini
          Grapefruit Bourbon Fizz
          Grapefruit Margarita
          Grapefruit Peach Morning
          Grapefruit Prosecco Punch (Alcoholic)
          Grapefruit Sunset Margarita
          Green Garden
          Green Tea Gingertini
          Grilled Hard Arnold Palmer
          Grilled Pineapple Margarita
          Grilled Pineapple Margarita with Jalapeno
          Grilled Pineapple Mule
          Grumpy Gingerbread Bourbon Cocktail
          GZ Fizz
          Hail Mary
          Hammock Sipper
          Hard Shandy
          Hawaiian Punch
          Hazelnut-Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (Slow Cooker) xsl
          Heart Beat
          Helen's Peach Schnapps Frozen Slush
          Hibiscus Margarita
          Ho Ho Mojito
          Holiday Champagne Punch
          Holiday Cranberry Citrus Punch
          Holiday Cranberry Mojito
          Holiday Mojitos (Merry, Merry Mojitos)
          Holiday Mule
          Holiday Party Punch
          Homemade Irish Creme Liqueur
          Homemade Kahlua
          Honeydew Margarita
          Horseradish Vodka
          Hot Buttered Cider Mix
          Hot Buttered Rum
          Hot Buttered Rum II
          Hot Buttered Rum Mix
          Hot Cranberry Punch
          Hot Honeyed Bourbon
          Hot Shots
          Hot Spiced Apple Cider
          Hot Toddy Sachets
          Hurricane Run
          Irish Coffee
          Irish Milkshake
          Isadora Duncan
          Italian Liqueur
          Italian Margarita
          Italian Margarita II
          Jack O Lantern
          Jalapeno Infused Tequila
          Jamaica Margaritas
          Jamaican Holiday
          Jenny Juice
          Joanie's Irish Cream
          Joel Black's Bloody Mary
          John's Blood Orange Margarita
          John's Sangroni
          Jolly Juniper
          Juli`s Any-Seltzer Cocktail Formula
          Kahlua Brandy
          Katies Twisted Tea
          Kentucky Sunset
          Key Lime Daiquiries
          King Cake Bevvy
          Kir Royale
          Kitchen Sink Cocktail
          Kiwi Colada
          Lady Cybil
          Lavender Limonata
          Lemon Blossom
          Lemon Verbena Gimlet Cocktails
          Lemonade 75
          Lemonade Three Flavor Choices
          Lemon-Basil Spritzer
          Lemon-Gin Sparkling Cocktails
          Lemon-Lavendar Cocktail Syrup
          Lemon-Melon Tongue Twister
          Lifes A Peach Cocktail
          Lillet Martini
          Lillet Spritz
          Lime-Zinfandel Splash
          Limoncello Cocktails
          Limoncello II
          Limoncello Punch (Alcoholic)
          Loaded Bloody Mary with Bacon
          Lone Tree Cooler
          Long Island Ice Tea
          Love Martini
          Love Potion No. 9
          Lychee Punch (Alcoholic)
          Mai Tai Punch (Alcoholic)
          Mai Tai Recipe
          Mango Bellini
          Mango Margarita
          Mango Mojito
          Mango-Avocado Margarita
          Mango-Avocado Margarita II
          Mango-Raspberry Margarita Float
          Maple Bourbon Moscow Mule
          Maple Rob Roy
          Margarita Ice Cream Floats
          Margarita Punch
          Mary on Holiday
          Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
          Matcha Gin and Tonic
          Melon Margarita
          Melon-Mint Vodka
          Melted Snowman
          Merry Raspberry
          Miami-Fusion Virgin Mojito
          Midnight Apple
          Milwaukee Mojito
          Mimosa Bar
          Mint Julep Mocktail
          Mint Julep Sorbet
          Mint Julep Sweet Tea
          Mint-Champagne Shrub
          Minted Bourbon-Grapefruit Smash
          Mississippi Mudslides
          Mixed Berry Gimlet Poptail
          Mojito Refresher
          Mojito Wine
          Mojo Mojito
          Mom-A-Licious Summer-Tini
          Morning Collins
          Moscow Mule
          Moscow Mule II
          Mulled Wine
          Mulled Wine Margaritas
          Naughty & Nice
          New England Iced Tea
          New York Sour
          Newfangled Old-Fashioned
          Not Your Mommas Cider
          Nutty Hawaiian
          Oatmeal Cookie
          Ode to Joy
          Old-Fashioned II
          Orange Blitz
          Orange Crush Drink
          Orange Mist
          Orange Old-Fashioned
          Orange Thunder
          Orange Whip
          Orange-, Clove-, and Cranberry-Infused Bourbon
          Orange-Mint Rum Fizz
          Original Champagne Cocktail
          Ouza Lemonade
          Palm Beach
          Palm Beach Radius
          Paloma Cocktail
          Paradise Frose
          Party Bowl Punch
          Party Sangria
          Pass Rush
          Passion Fruit Mojito
          Patriotic Punch
          Peach Basil Moscow Mule
          Peach Basket Punch
          Peach Liquor
          Peach Mojitos
          Peachy Bourbon Lemonade
          Peachy Keen Daiquiris
          Peachy Margarita
          Pear-Rosemary Bellini
          Peppermint Martini (Peppermint-ini)
          Peppermint White Russian
          Perfect Gin and Tonic
          Pilgrim Cocktail
          Pimm's Cocktails
          Pimms Cup
          Pimm's Cup
          Pina Colada Moscow Mule
          Pina Perfected
          Pineapple and Prosecco
          Pineapple Cocktail
          Pineapple Margarita
          Pineapple Margarita Punch (Alcoholic)
          Pineapple Mint Julep
          Pineapple Mojito
          Pineapple Passion Fruit Margaritas
          Pineapple Pina Colada
          Pineapple Rum Punch (Alcoholic)
          Pineapple-Jalapeno Daiquiris
          Pink Lemonade Martini
          Pink Sunrise Cocktails
          Planters Punch
          Planter's Punch
          Poinsettia Mimosas
          Pom Royal Cocktail Syrup
          Pomegranate Cosmo
          Pomegranate Gimlets
          Pomegranate Margaritas
          Pomegranate Martini
          Pomegranate Mojitos
          Pomegranate Punch
          Pomegranate Spritzers
          Pomegranate Sunrise Mocktail
          Pomegranate-Rosemary Royale
          Port Sparkler
          Prosecco-Pear Sparkler
          Pucker-Up Martinis
          Pumpkin Flip
          Pumpkin Spice Martini
          Queen of the Rodeo
          Raspberry Champagne Punch
          Raspberry Moscow Mule
          Raspberry Twist
          Raspberry Wine Punch (Alcoholic)
          Raspberry-Ginger Frozen Margarita
          Raspberry-Orange Sunrises
          Raspberry-Rum Lemonade
          Raspberry-Rum Lemonade Punch (Alcoholic)
          Red Carpet Sparkler
          Red Raspberry Martini
          Red, White & Blue
          Refreshing Melon Drink
          Rhubarb Simple Syrup
          Rose' Cucumber Cooler
          Rosemary Greyhound
          Rosemary Simple Syrup
          Rosemary Strawberry Daiquiri
          Ruby Red Rose'
          Rudolphs Winter Punch
          Rum In The Snow
          Rum Punch
          Rum Punch II
          Rum Punch III
          Rum Revival
          Rum Sizzle
          Rum Strawberry Lime Shots
          Rum Swizzles
          Salted Caramel
          Sangria II
          Sangria Slushes
          Scotch Negroni
          Scotch Whisky Sour
          Seabreeze Sensation
          Sexy Grapes
          Shamrock Shaker
          Shark Attack
          Shark Attack Cocktails
          Showy Champagne Sparkler
          Simple Syrup
          Simple Syrup - Blackberry
          Simple Syrup - Cardamom and Clove
          Simple Syrup - Cherry
          Simple Syrup - Cinnamon
          Simple Syrup - Cranberry
          Simple Syrup - Fig and Vanilla Bean
          Simple Syrup - Ginger-Lime
          Simple Syrup - Ginger-Lime II
          Simple Syrup - Honey
          Simple Syrup - Honey-Sage
          Simple Syrup - Lemon
          Simple Syrup - Lime
          Simple Syrup - Maple Cranberry
          Simple Syrup - Pumpkin Spice
          Simple Syrup - Rosemary
          Simple Syrup - Rum
          Simple Syrup - Spiced Thyme
          Simple Syrup - Strawberry
          Simple Syrup - Sugar
          Simple Syrup - Vanilla
          Simple Syrup - Wine
          Simple Syrup Cinnamon
          Simple Syrup II
          Skier`s Delight
          Sledding Cider
          Smokin Lemon
          Smoky Grapefruit Paloma Cocktail
          Smoky Paloma
          Southern Comfort Punch
          Southern Peach
          Southern Sunrise
          Southside Cocktail
          Sparkling Bourbon Lemonade
          Sparkling Orange Margarita
          Sparkling Peach Tea
          Sparkling Pinot Punch with Pomegranate Seed Ice Cubes
          Sparkling Punch
          Sparkling Rose` Lemonade
          Sparkling Rosemary-Peach Cocktails
          Sparkling-Wine Moscow Mule
          Spiced Bourbon with Red Wine
          Spiced Car
          Spiced Lillert Spritz
          Spicy Bloody Marys
          Spicy Lemonade
          Spicy Mezcal Margarita
          Spicy Passion Fruit Punch (Alcoholic)
          Spicy Strawberry Punch (Alcoholic)
          Spiked Arnold Palmers
          Spiked Lemonade Sweet Tea
          Spiked Peach Limeade Granita
          Spiked Sweet Tea Punch (Alcoholic)
          Sriracha-Mango Frozen Margarita
          St. Germain Margarita
          Stout Float Punch (Alcoholic)
          Strawberry Basil Margarita
          Strawberry Beer Cocktails
          Strawberry Cream
          Strawberry Daiquiri
          Strawberry Gin Cocktail
          Strawberry Ginger Daiquiri
          Strawberry Lime Moscow Mule
          Strawberry Margarita
          Strawberry Margarita II
          Strawberry Margarita Spritzers
          Strawberry Margaritas
          Strawberry Moscow Mule
          Strawberry Proseco Floats
          Strawberry Tequila Fizz-Arita
          Strawberry-Basil Frozen Margarita
          Strawberry-Lemon Mojitos
          Summer Storm
          Sunrise Cocktails
          Sunset Special
          Sweet and Sour Plum Quencher
          Sweet Basil Dazzler
          Tangerine-Ginger Punch (Alcoholic)
          Temple Orange Screw Driver
          Tequila Colada
          Tequila Sour
          Tequila Sunrise
          The Chameleon
          The Glo'smo
          The Golden Oscar
          The Jaliscito (Alcoholic)
          The Kiwi
          The Lambs Cup
          The Oscar Blush
          The Silent Night
          The Starstruck
          The Sun Also Rises Cocktail
          The Velvet Rope
          Tickled Pink
          Tomato Bacon Sipper (Alcoholic)
          Tomato-Tequila Fizz
          Tropical Cherrylada
          Upside-Down Cake
          Vampire Killer Martini
          Vanilla Bean and Fig Cocktail
          Vieux Carre
          Virgin Raspberry Bellini
          Vodka Punch
          Watermelon Bellinis
          Watermelon Cosmo Punch
          Watermelon Cosmo Punch II
          Watermelon Daiquiries
          Watermelon Freedom
          Watermelon Margaritas
          Watermelon Mojitos
          Watermelon Moscow Mule
          Watermelon Puree
          Watermelon Rum Punch
          Watermelon-Ginger Mojitos
          Watermelon-Lime Punch (Alcoholic)
          Whiskey-Stout Chocolate Ice Cream Float
          White Christmas Margarita
          White Wine Spritzer
          White Wine Spritzer II
          Winter Champagne Cocktail
          Zabaglione Classic
          Zinfandel-Spiked Hot Cocoa with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

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